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Every cat parent deserves access to the very best five-star cat-only hotel accommodations for their felines. No matter how much money they make. And no matter where they live. That’s why Club Cat is expanding our luxury, cat-only hotel locations through our new.


I was first introduced to Blue Bell Foundation for Cats in 2018 through Gail Landau, founder of Catmosphere Laguna Foundation and Pamela Knudsen aka Cat Lady in the Canyon, one of Blue Bell’s board members. A few months later, in February 2019, I attended Blue Bell’s.

When you work at a cat hotel, you hear a lot of stories about, well, cats. Entertaining anecdotes are a favorite at Club Cat. Fortunately, much like viral cat videos, there is no shortage of them. We also hear some not so entertaining stories. Like when our customers’.

When you shave a cat, you increase their risk for developing superficial skin infections by removing their natural protection against extreme weather and ultraviolet rays.

When adopting a cat for the first time, you are going to have to try to make her feel at home as soon as possible.

The best part about working at a luxury cat hotel is hosting kitties. Like snowflakes, there are no two kitties exactly alike. The second best part about working at a luxury cat hotel is the names of our kitty cat guests and the stories behind them. The poet T.S.

We first featured Catmosphere Laguna, Orange County’s first cat café and lounge, in a Club Cat Blog post back in 2019 for their first year anniversary. Back then, the café and lounge was booming with meows and cat lovers and soon-to-be cat parents. And their success.

Obviously, every pet owner wants their four-legged friend to live a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, though, our beloved pets don’t live forever. Eventually, you’ll be caring for a senior pet and enjoying your animal companion’s golden years.

If you live long enough, you figure out that not all human doctors are equal. Some are fantastic. Some are meh. And some are downright criminal (hence the growing number of podcasts like Dr. Death).