Pet Fashion style

You know who never argues online with strangers, or ruminates on distressing news headlines? Your dog, that’s who! Fluffy isn’t worried about what politicians think. Rocky doesn’t care who the neighbors voted for. And Astro isn’t outraged by fake news.

That’s because they live in the here and now. They seek pleasure in simple things, such as walks, treats, cuddles, ear scratches and sometimes chasing squirrels. And we humans should do the same.

The next time you find yourself doom-scrolling, make the choice to turn that attention to your dog instead. Step away from the computer and stoop down to give your dog a belly rub. Pull out your hound’s favorite pull toy to start an impromptu tug-of-war. Walk out to the back yard for a quick round of fetch. Or just cuddle on the couch with your fur baby for 15 minutes.

You’ll find that the benefits of petting a dog for even a few minutes will outweigh any adrenaline hit you get from Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. (Though, a good squirrel video is still pretty awesome.)

The benefits of walking a dog are well-established. Statistics show that dog owners walk an average of nearly nine hours per week, or about 36 miles. This is 22 minutes more than non-owners on average.

In addition to stimulating the release of “happiness hormones” (as discussed in a previous blog post), daily brisk walks don’t just make your dog happy, they can help reduce your risk for diabetes and cancer.

Another benefit of walking your dog is the increased opportunities for face-to-face social interactions with other people. (Our short leashes allow you to socialize safely at a healthy pandemic distance.) Those people will often compliment your dog, which can give you a boost of happiness. In fact, many dog owners say those compliments make them feel better than chocolate, pizza, or even a great first date.

Fully trained service dogs can cost anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000. But it is possible to train your pup to at least help lessen the duration and strength of intense feelings like depression and anxiety.

By teaching your dog the “paws up” command, he or she can provide emotional support how and when you need it. Your dog can learn to sit next to you for a petting session on command, or to provide Deep Pressure Therapy by lying on your chest or placing their head or legs in your lap.

While dogs are remarkably effective at making you happier by helping with depression, anxiety, and mental health in general, they are not miracle workers. Sometimes we just simply need talk therapy, behavioral therapy, or medical therapy to address crippling depression and anxiety.

If you have health insurance through your workplace, take advantage of your employer’s confidential 800 number to learn about free mental health resources that may be available to you. If you are looking for competent counseling, Mental Health Match can help you find a licensed therapist who specializes in your particular needs.

When you need more than the love of a dog to feel good about yourself and your life, there is absolutely no shame in seeking additional help.

Here’s to your dog making you a wee bit happier and mentally healthy in 2023 .