Harper & Harley

Fans of the minimalist aesthetic will love Australian blogger Sara Crampton’s website Harper & Harley. Her “less is more” philosophy is unmistakable in her posts, from her fashion to her home design. Since starting the blog in 2008, Sara has made a name for herself as the go-to brand for the classic, timeless, and minimalist wardrobe.

Sara has appeared on the Australian reality show Fashion Bloggers. She has also worked with global fashion brands such as Gucci, Estée Lauder, Uniqlo, and Nike. Sara’s influence has also extended to non-fashion brands, and she has also been tapped by Jaguar, YSL Beauté, L’Oreal, and Dyson. If you love whites, blacks, and grays, head on over to Harper & Harley for a look at Sara’s minimalist but super trendy fashion style. Some of her posts include: That Blazer Life A Summer Staple White Shirts and Blue Jeans Never Go Out of Fashion My Pregnancy Style