Girl With Curves

Let’s face it—the body type of models is far from reality. Slim people do exist in real life, but there are women with bigger sizes who can look just as good. People come in all shapes and sizes, but many of us have been conditioned to believe that only one body type is ideal for fashion.

This is the mindset that Girl With Curves hopes to shatter. Tanesha Awasthi created Girl With Curves in 2011 to represent everyday people who aren’t a size 0 or 2. The blog describes itself as an “award-winning blog made possible by people who believe women deserve to look and feel beautiful, regardless of weight, shape or size.” Since starting the blog, Tanesha has become a favorite plus-sized fashion blogger in the industry. She hopes to help women—particularly bigger sized women—build their confidence and self-esteem through fashion. The blog includes trends, style tips, beauty advice, plus parenting and wellness. Their hashtag #StyleHasNoSize emphasizes their belief that fashion and style are for everyone, regardless of their body type.