Importance of Hair Oil In Fahsion Industry

Oiling hair is a ritual that’s core to the Indian beauty culture. For ages, grandma’s secret recipe is preserving our luscious locks but now the onus of playing the white knight lies ahead upon usIn a fast-paced world, we are not giving hair care the priority it deserves. Rushed and modern routines can be great — tons of activities to do, late-night food spots, and total convenience — but it could also be taking a toll on you and your hair. Premature greying and other hair concerns usually makes us buy packaged products that promise wonders but the truth is that commercial products are supposed to help but they just don’t. What is the safe escape then? You may ask. Befriending with nature would be the best bet in this case. Instead of going for instant treatment, it’s wise to devote some time to the health of your hair. And for that, we can’t think of many things better than the good old hair oil.


While everyone these days is talking about slow fashion and slow food, we are wondering why not slow beauty? Let’s take a trip down memory lane, try and recall the times when at the end of any summer our grandmother used to massage our hair from the naturally formulated hair oils. As we are discovering many more tried and- tested natural secrets, we are trying to find our way back to roots and learn to live in tandem with nature.


Traditionally we had oiled our hair every time before we washed it and oiled after a wash too. And even today, we oil it at least once a week. But, the idea of oiling your hair twice a week seems old school, right? Wrong! A gentle oil massage stimulates blood circulation and enhances the quality of the scalp. If face oils are new beauty must-haves, why shouldn’t you oil your hair too? One of the best ways to get healthy, long, and thick hair is to sit back and enjoy a nice hot oil massage.

There is a widespread perception that natural beauty products are somehow inherently better than the synthetically made products. And, in lots of cases, that’s the truth. Massaging your hair with hot oil not only increases blood circulation in hair follicles but also stimulates hair growth. Oiling is the best thing you can do for your hair and doing that regularly gives your hair the essentials it needs. There are millions of varieties of hair oils and they all have some purpose to serve. Each oil benefits your hair in some way or another. All you need to do is figure out which form of oil suits your purpose well.

Between your Hair regimen of paraben and sulfate-free shampoo, your conditioner, and rejuvenating hair mask, what more could you need? Look Carefully! you have left out one key component, and a crucial one, that is Hair oil. While you may have skipped over them on your list of “hair care needs,” this is the time recalibrate.


Not sure if hair growth oils actually work or is it a scam?? Long story short: Some oils are a gimmick and have negligible to Zero impact on your hair But there are some oils that can actually help you with your hair problems .​

The Components of every hair growth oil is different and whether it has a chance of working or not depends on its ingredients and your consistency. Since ancient times, oiling has been used as a means to enhance hair health. It gives your hair strength, relieves your scalp of bacterial and fungal infections, and prevents your hair from premature greying. Among all the hype some ingredients can actually help your hair grow.