Spain Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor celebrated her 18th birthday! The day was marked with several institutional events for the heir to the Spanish Throne.

Princess Leonor was first joined by her parents and sisters as she swore her allegiance to the Constitution in front of the Cortes Generales. She said: “I swear to faithfully carry out my duties, to observe and ensure that the Constitution and the laws are kept, to respect the rights of citizens and the Autonomous Communities, and to be faithful to the King.”

Princess Leonor then received the Medal from the Congress of Deputies and the Medal from the Senate before signing the Book of Honor.

Afterward, King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor, and Infanta Sofia traveled back to the Royal Palace where King Felipe presented Princess Leonor with the Collar of the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Charles III.

Princess Leonor made a speech in which she said: “I will conduct my actions in all areas of my life, always taking into account the general interests of our Nation; I will observe behavior that deserves the recognition and appreciation of citizens; And I will fulfill my obligations with total dedication and unconditional dedication, always trying to grow as a person with the love and support of my family. From today I owe myself to all Spaniards, whom I will serve at all times with respect and loyalty. There is no greater pride. On this very important day – which I will always remember with emotion – I ask you to trust me, as I have placed all my trust in our future, in the future of Spain.”

In his speech, King Felipe said: “You will not be alone on your path. In your family, you will find the necessary more personal support; and the Spanish people as a whole – to whom you owe yourself – will know how to recognize your dedication with their encouragement and affection. […] You must know that democracy and freedom are not built overnight, but day after day; and they require continuous care and permanent improvement. You will have that responsibility: to continue building Spain, adapting it to a world in full transformation. And in this task, exciting and always unfinished, you must keep in mind the principles and values that unite us and that have united us throughout our recent history. The principles and values of the Constitution that you just swore to. That is the way to face the future with confidence; a trust that should accompany you Leonor and, of course, the next generations.”