Ring Trends

In this blog post I will present to you a complete guide about fashion rings, where you can discover some of the top favored looks that we love and why we love them. Also, you can learn about the different types of fashion rings, how to style them and some of the latest trends.

The most preferred types of rings when we style our outfit are the minimalist designs, which look very modern and elegant. Very often we tend to choose to stack them all together on one finger or distribute them to different fingers, but still keeping the over accessorized idea to complete our look. It is very easy to create a fashionable and also trendy appearance because you can never go wrong with such delicate and elegant rings. In addition, they will never make you over the top or tasteless, which is absolutely amazing. Therefore, if you’d like to know more about fashion rings and how to wear them keep scrolling down and you might be surprised!

Top looks we love

Let’s first explore some of the most loved ways of wearing our rings and also the reasons why we like to wear them this way.

Minimalist rings and casual outfits for an easy-going look

First of all, for many of us the casual outfits are an everyday thing so it is important to be able to style your look in a way that will stand out from the crowd. What a better way than adding some minimalist designed rings that will instantly refresh your basics and give a modern touch to your outfit. These thin bands are great for any day or any occasion because of their simplicity and minimalism. Or, you can have an opal shaped minimalist ring that is best to be worn on its own. How can we not fall in love with such a sleek and well polished ring?
We love this type of look because of its effortless styling and the possibility of wearing it everyday. Also, it is very comfortable to wear all day.

Bold statement rings for a chic and stylish look

We love big rings because they are all we need to top off our look. No matter of your outfit, the ring is always there for you to make a statement. We love this look because it gives us confidence and it is a great conversation piece that will definitely get a lot of compliments, if properly styled. The metallic chunky rings are very uncomplicated and sleek in design, yet very stylish and contemporary and this is why they are favoured by so many people.

Stackable rings for a modern and trendy style

One of the biggest crush in the world of fashion rings is the stacking trend that we absolutely love. Why we love it? It looks so original and out of the ordinary. Plus, you can always purchase a set of stacking rings that you just need to place on your fingers and you are ready to go! You can style these delicate rings with some midi rings  to create a very fashionable stacking style. This kind of rings are great for casual, romantic, girly or dressy outfits. A beautiful mixture of different in size or design rings to make your look more interesting and eye-catching.

 Gemstone rings and a pop of color for a fun and jazzed up look

If you can’t separate yourself from the all-black or dark colored outfits, especially during the cold days, then you can add a pop of color to your look by adding a gemstone or crystal ring to your outfit. This is actually one of the main reasons why we love this look. We can easily refresh and jazz up the monotone outfits that we wear on a daily basis.