My Fash Diary

Blog creator and editor Tala Samman defines fashion as “what others declare is in,” while style is more personal—“what you declare is in.” My Fash Diary is Tala’s personal style diary, often posting about the things that she loves, what she wears, the hottest trends in Dubai and in cities where she travels, and others.

Dubai-based Tala, who was born in Chicago and has Syrian roots, gives us a glimpse of the fashion and styles in the Middle East.

Although the blog’s name implies a heavy leaning toward fashion, Tala also posts about beauty, food, and travel. My Fash Diary has gained international recognition, receiving nominations for Marie Claire, Twitter, UK Blog, and Ahlan! Magazine’s Best at the Dubai awards. She was cited in 2011 as one of Dubai’s Hot 100, and has been recognized in prestigious publications like Grazia UK, Grazia Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and Marie Claire Middle East.