High Heel Style

Kitten heels are a types of heels that are for people who don’t like height and uncomfortableness. These heels will still elevate your overall appearance and make you look remarkable. You can pair it up with dresses, skirts and jumpsuits as well.


Peep-toe heels are one of the most tempting kinds of different types of heels. The heels are in a number of lengths, but the higher the heel, the hotter your style appears. They have an opening in front that gives the appearance of peeping toes, hence the name. You can pair this up with your dresses.

Wedges are types of heels that don’t like walking in six-inch, high-heeled stilettos due to discomfort. “Ouch, my feet hurt” and if you just can’t bear a few minutes in heels this is the next best classy option. They are raised, but one of the best things is, that the weight is distributed evenly throughout, leveling everything out and making walking more enjoyable.

With these types of heels name, these are exactly how you are imagining them. These cone heels are wider at the top and very narrow tapering down. They come in a range of lengths and styles and you can wear them in flared skirts and dresses.

The queen of all heels, these types of heels is one such that every woman should own. These are normally up to 6 inches high, closed at the front, and available in a variety of patterns. Walking in these may appear impossible, but once you do, you will be totally addicted to wearing them. Stilettos go on jeans, skirts to amazing dresses.

Platform heels are different types of heels that are most often than not confused with wedges heels, however, platforms are heels that are broad and bumpy at the front of the shoe, making it pleasant to move around, as opposed to conventional pointed shoes. You can wear it with Jumpsuits and dresses.

Cutout heels are types of heels that are very sensational, to begin with, and are considered incredibly attractive when worn correctly. They come in a variety of intricate cut designs, sizes, and shapes. They have one thing in common their pattern gives them a very sensual appeal. You can wear these types of heels shoes with a skirt, jumpsuit, and dress.

These different types of heels you see will look mostly like stilettos but the difference is they are not as high as they are. They usually come with 3 or 4-inch heel tops, and the fronts sit lower on the floor when compared to your stilettos.