Eastern India Lifestyle

There are some people who always manage to appear effortlessly chic, irrespective of the time of day. For me, these people have invariably been my college mates and colleagues, the ones hailing from North-East India. I Admire how people from the north-east have impeccable style and can rock every look possible! From being the queen of all things casual, to sporting classy and feminine looks, on-point fashion is just one of the many things where North-East absolutely rules in India.

Aien Jamir, from Nagaland, is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in India today.

Her blog, Fashion & I, began in 2009 as a style diary. Today, it features a diverse range of styles and the different designers and brands she’s collaborated with. She’s been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Elle, among others. She also has an online store, the AJ-store.

She describes her sense of style and tastes as ‘singularly stereotypically tribal – Naga to be specific’, thus the name Naganess. Her blog, which was initially called My Salad Days, has moved from playful fashion to fashion with a statement, though she still retains her original bohemian style. Also a member of a Naga folk band called Tetseo Sisters, she often incorporates elements of the places she’s visiting, and events she’s a part of, in her fashion choices.

Starting out in 2012, today she is a dedicated blogger for PopXo, and has been featured in Femina, Deccan Chronicle etc. She loves to infuse vibrant colors in her outfits and even suggests DIY techniques to enhance your wardrobe through her blog Dash of Classic.

Trendy and classy, Juhili is a strong believer of versatility and her blog perfectly reflects that. She loves to use a common theme across her outfits, such as a boyfriend jacket or an all white ensemble. She’s collaborated with Cosmopolitan and Lifestyle among others, though her latest collaboration was on the ‘Save the planet’ initiative with Gigee. Follow her page Juhili’s Lookbook on Facebook.

A flight attendant by profession, Her Perfect Spot is both an outlet for her fashion choices, and an attempt to understand the different fashion styles. While not a fan of the minimal look, she manages to lend an authenticity to every look she experiments with. She frequents to showcase her style on Instagram.

She’s the queen of all things monochromatic and minimalistic. Based out of Mumbai, she is a fan of overcoats and jackets which she often blogs about in her blog The 97 Notebook, though the Mumbai weather hardly allows her to experiment with the look.