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20 Great Chicago Locations for Holiday Photos

‘Tis the season for family holiday photos, which I am sure is a family’s favorite right? (hah). After some research and crowdsourcing, I’ve put together a list of the best Chicago locations, both outdoor and indoor, to get those beautiful holiday photos!


Clark Richard Park

This park is directly behind Lane Tech high school, which I believe is technically considered Avondale. The trees right now are so pretty and would make a great backdrop of holiday photos. It runs along the North Branch of the river and has a paved running/bike path, paddle boats rental (during the summer), a bike park and it’s just such a pretty part of the city. It’s a secluded area and never crowded, which is always nice while taking pics. Bonus, there’s always tons of parking right on Rockwell street. I would bring a blanket because there are very few benches.

DePaul University’s Quad and University of Chicago

We actually took our engagement photos here late October and the trees are just beautiful. It’s been our go-to hangout spot when we need fresh air and space during lockdown. The trees and space are beautiful. Another college spot would be the University of Chicago, their campus is gorgeous!

Lincoln Park Zoo

I really like this location for a few reasons. There are SO many shooting locations. There is The Honeycomb, the bridge, the lawn in front of the conservatory, the Lily Pond, the tall grass along the petting zoo and more! We even did our baby announcement with Mila here. Plus you can always run inside the zoo for the bathroom.

Humboldt Park

There’s a lot of tall grass and wide open spaces to take some really great shots in front of the boat house. It’s also a bird and wildlife sanctuary, you might get a few animals in your shot. I think with a layer of fresh snow, it would be beautiful!

There are a few small bridges that would look nice as well to stage some pictures there too!

Wrigley Building

This is my absolute favorite tree and we have taken photos infant of it before! It does get crowded so I would recommend going early! We also warmed up and used the bathroom at Nordstrom’s on Michigan Avenue

Montrose Beach

I personally think this has one of the best views of the skyline. There is also the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary so there is lots of space to take your time. Maybe set up a picnic with the skyline as your backdrop.

31st Street Beach

Just south of the Museum Campus is the 31st street beach. This is actually one of my favorite beaches in the city, there’s beautiful skyline views and easy parking. It’s right off the highway!

Tom (Ping) Memorial Park

Located in Chinatown, this park has more of an industrial feel, but could be something different for your photos! This park offers a ton of things like an athletic field, playground, walking paths by the river, and a boat house, which is open for kayak rentals during the summer only.

Milton Lee Olive Park

If you are looking some some up close skyline views, this park is for you. This location is also perfect for engagement photos! It’s located just north of Navy Pier and just east of Ohio Street Beach.

Winnemac Park

This park is located in Lincoln Square and has the prettiest trees that make a beautiful backdrop. Then grab brunch at Gather after (so good!)